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Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Plastic Surgery Procedures

If you are looking to improve your smile, a periodontist may be able to help. Periodontists are often called Plastic Surgeons of Dentistry.

Gummy Smile or Uneven Gum Line

Do you feel your teeth look very small or your smile has excess "gummy" or your teeth are covered too much by the gums? if so, dental crown lengthening would be a perfect solution for you! Check the Crown Lengthening page for more information about this procedure! Crown Lengthening will the your new smile the right look!

Sometimes the root becomes exposed due to gum recession, which makes your teeth look long and "can make you look older than you are". This recession can happen as a result of a variety of causes, including periodontal diseases.

Gum Graft Surgery and other root coverage procedures are designed to cover exposed roots, to reduce further gum recession and to protect vulnerable roots from decay.