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Periodontal Gum Disease

Have you been told you have Periodontal (gum) Disease?

You're not alone. Many adults in the United States currently have this disease. Periodontal disease ranges from just a simple gum inflammation to a very serious disease that results in major damage to your soft tissue and the bone supporting your teeth. In worse cases, teeth may be lost.

Weather your gum disease got worse, slowed down, or even stopped, it depends a great deal on how well you take care of your teeth and gums on daily basis; regardless of your situation, come see your dentist and we will advice the best plan of action depending on your case.

All new patients receive a detailed treatment planning from our cosmetic dentist explaining in detail all the procedures that we recommend.

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What causes gum disease?

Bacteria surrounds our mouth. These type of bacteria, along with mucus and many other particles form colorless, sticky plaque on your teeth. 

Most of the time, flossing and brushing your teeth will help remove the plaque, but the plaque that is not removed can get harden and form "tartar" that brushing will not remove. Only professional cleaning performed by our dentist or our certified dental hygienist can remove tartar.